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Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment.

It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.



Stills Photo Shoots

How we do it



How we do it

360 Virtual Reality

How we do it

Print & Design

How we do it



How we do it

Corporate Videos

How we do it

Social Media Content

How we do it

HD Live Streaming

How we do it
Brand films

Brand Films

We find effective, insightful and creative ideas designed to engage your audience.  Any memorable brand starts with a solid foundation of development integrated with creative thinking and finally output in the perfect media.

We love to work closely with our clients to understand the elements of what makes their company and what makes their brand what it is.  We then bring this vision to life.

TV Commercials

CineMedia’s crews have been involved in commercials ranging from a dozen horseback riders barreling through fields with explosions going off around them, being chased by several cameras mounted on 4x4s... to... packshots of a medium rare cooked steak surrounded by a happy family at a barbecue.

We’ve done it all and we’ll do it again.

TV Commercials

Stills Photo Shoots

Shooting a model in a forest or a product against a grey, green or blue studio background - it doesn’t matter to us.

With a full studio lighting rig, fully portable lighting set up and first class photographers it’s hard not to make things look good.

Stills photo shoots

Corporate Videos

From instructional training videos or investor and shareholder relation videos to office / factory walk-throughs in virtual reality.


We make sure to get the perfect format and style for the message you want to convey. 


Specialist Crew

The variety of our shoots over the years has allowed us not only to gather a well versed and extremely skilled number of in-house crew but also a vast network of colleagues and contacts, each with their own specialised skills.   


The list includes, but is in no way limited to:

  • Producers

  • Directors

  • Cinematographers

  • Camera Assistants

  • Sound Mixers

  • Lighting

  • Drone / Helicopter Services

  • Rigging

  • Slow motion Phantom Cameras

  • Precision Drivers

  • Special and Visual Effects


Social Media


Social media has the biggest user base of all to get your product, brand or company seen.

It takes a lot to stop someone scrolling but with our know-how your content will stand out to thousands of targeted people every day to get you the engagement you need.


360 Virtual Reality

Give your audience a first hand tour of your campus, office, factory, sports ground, gym, showroom or anywhere you want to take them is now possible our immersive VR walkthroughs and augmented reality.


We can mount our 8K VR cameras on a person, ball, on top of a car or even 400ft in the air on a drone. All played back through VR headsets or a simple interactive video.


The only limitation is imagination. 

360 VR

HD Live Streaming

Being able to live stream your event, conference or concert is one of the best ways to reach you audience in real time.

With multi-camera capabilities, VT play in, vision and  sound mixing it's everything you could possibly need to broadcast directly to you audience. 


Print & Design

Print and design aren't dying, they're simply evolving.   

With a well designed and well produced medium - be it a banner, billboard, poster or flyer - your customers, staff or clients will be engaged with your message from the first glance.


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